Kabbalah in the Supper of Leonardo da Vinci

"The sacred secret you have been given, but to those who are outside of the secrets occur in graphics, so that staring look, but do not understand." 
Matthew - 13-11

You could imagine that every gesture, expression and position of the characters in the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci hid main symbol of Kabbalah ?! Finally the reason for so much mystery surrounding the work is revealed clearly and illustratively. Besides unravel all hermetic allegory of the secret occult Jewish philosophy in painting the author of Order of Ghosts surprisingly exposes the simplicity of the most sacred secret of the esoteric philosophies: the Holy Grall and the Sacred Chalice. Unlike Dan Brown, the author sees no codes in Mona Lisa, and yes, pictograms that literally reveal his enigmatic identity! A fascinating book that sharpens eyes and ears to the perception of ghosts in us and outside of us!